I don’t have a wedding photo yet, is that a problem?

No. Even if you don’t have a wedding photo yet because you are either not married or because the illustration is meant as a pre-wedding gift, I can draw you an illustration. I only need a normal Foto of bride and/or groom as well as instructions or images for the outfits in the illustration.


I only have a picture with other people in it, is that a problem?

Not at all. I can just leave the other people out of the illustration.

I only have a black and white picture, can I get the illustration in color?

Yes. Not a problem at all. I can do any illustration in the colors you’d like. From black and white to in colour, in colour to black and white or something in sepia – everything is possible.


Can I customise the illustration?

Yes, you can! You can freely choose any background, color setting etc.


Original size of illustrations

I always start with a big “canvas” in photoshop. Standard illustrations are at least DIN A3 (ca. 3500×5000 pixel) with 300DPI. As soon as the illustration is finished, I crop it or minimise it depending on purpose.


How long does it take to make one illustration?

On average I need 4-5h for an illustration with one person and no background. For illustrations with background 6-10h. Sketches take 1-2h.


How often do I draw?

Daily! I can not live without it. When I do not draw, I am as unsettled as when I don’t do any sport.


As a child I was fascinated by animes from Japan, which were shown on TV here. Soon after I started to copy them. During school time there never was a paper without any drawings on it.



I find inspirations for my illustrations everywhere. In the internet, in magazines or on the street. Sometimes I see a eye-catching bridal photo and I just want to draw it. or I go for walkies with my dog and I suddenly have an idea for a new illustration.


Why can I draw?

I started drawing bevor I took my first step or said my first word. And I just never stopped. I never “studied” painting and drawing, I am self taught. Learning by doing.





Soft- and hardware

Each illustration starts with a handdrawn sketch. Then I use and color it in photoshop. For hardware I use a Mac and a wacom tablet.